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Although not vampire related….I love this. Generation Kill is not only one of the best books written about war but the HBO mini series is just as good. Alexander was dead on as Sargent Colbert. Alexander is also Swedish Marine in real life.

Yes!!! His expressions are spot on…!! I have said many times that when acting Alex can do the slightest move with his eyes, mouth, neck and it makes such an impact… !! Truly an incredible actor!!!

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fortheloveofericnorthman said: This is a tumblr hug. Pass this to at least 10 of your favourite tumblr followers to show how much you love them as best buddies. Make sure you don’t break the chain. Happy tumblr hugs ~! (◕‿◕✿) (◕‿◕)

Aw…thank you! What a lovely way to start the morning!

Anonymous said: a small part of me is hoping that bill's human flashbacks are foreshadowing of a death. All the flashbacks to remind him of his human family and then maybe in the end he'll end up with them. that could possibly be his final scene? currently trying to avoid the idea of those youtube spoilers :(

Hi Anon,

That would be the only thing that would make the Bill flashback’s tolerable — his final, final, final death. I’m hoping we’ll get that lucky, but luck hasn’t been on our side for a while now. Right now I’d suffer through the f/b’s if that youtube spoiler didn’t come true. Fingers crossed!

Take care!

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Anonymous said: I've seen ppl furious because of the hate towards Sookie. These ppl think that the hate is only because Sookie loves Bill more than Eric but I think this is a simplistic way to see it. I think part of the hate towards her right now comes because of her interactions with Bill because as a woman I personally feel offended with her character right now. She doesn't respect herself and for her it's all about the man who did all these horrible things to her. It's not bill vs eric it's sookie vs women









Hi anon. I think you’re right about the hate towards Sookie of a part of the fandom. Of course there are people who hates Sookie only because she loves Bill more than Eric but I think not all the hate is because of that. Many women dislike Sookie because of everything you said in your post and I don’t blame them

A part of this fandom hates the idea of Sookie being incapable of moving on from Bill after all the heinous things he did to her in the past (he lied to her so many times that we can’t count, betrayed her with Lorena, almost killed her, called an abomination, almost killed his brother…..) I get it, it’s hard to defend her actions in this season after all of this

Um..sorry anonymous but no

it’s like saying that a woman who (for some reason) is unable to leave her abusive husband is against women race. Or is anti-feminist. And is guilty in general which is a big fat no. Sookie is the victim of this story, period.

Thank you.

The whole “she doesn’t respect herself therefore she deservers contempt from others” is exactly the abuser’s argument. The depressed, the ones with low self esteem, the ones that are stuck in abusive cycles, the ones that don’t think they are worthy of anything better, or simply the ones that believe that the bad they get is not that bad — the ones who do not live up to the popular “strong womanhood” standards — they should be hated? Because not like that doesn’t reinforce the cycle or anything.

Look, I get that Sookie is a victim. But she’s also a moron. And there does come a point when I get sick of watching her do the same, stupid stuff and expect a different outcome. Her foolish plan to find Holly and Arlene, for example, which involved her taking more of Bill’s blood. Sookie, you know what vampire blood does. STOP LYING TO YOURSELF! Or her perpetual need to strike out on her own without proper planning, which gets people killed that she “loves”. She has done all this stuff before, and she’s seen the toxic results. But has she learned ANYTHING? No. 

I love strong Sookie. I love sweet Sookie. I love her tolerance. I love her spunk. I like that she tries hard and sometimes makes mistakes. But the writers seem determined to kill anything good in her, unless it serves to reunite her with Bill. You can see them actively turning her from a person into a plot device for Bill’s story with every succeeding episode. It’s dispiriting and sad to see. 

At some point, I’m just not interested in watching it. Watching the demotion of her character into Bill’s prop is too unpleasant. Is it Sookie’s fault that she is an idiotic doormat who embraces her abuser with every fiber of her being? Probably not, given the amount of Bill’s blood she has consumed (and the writers’ obvious collusion). But it is hard not to grow weary of a character who is so eager to embrace her own victimization. 

All you said is true for many Sookie fans.  The problem is that the only Sookie we have is what the writers give us.  They make her what she is or is not or what she has become.  Will she take a dramatic progressive step forward in the future?  Only time will tell.  Until then, we see a Sookie as described so well by Ohiogirl.  And it doesn’t have anything to do with her choosing or rejecting Eric other than the reasons for her choices.  As a mother, if one of my children made such irrational choices I’d be pulling my hair out and taking them to task.  However, we know that her actions and reactions are those of the writers.  They are responsible for her degeneration.  Some fans are offended by any criticism of the character, and in most cases those criticisms are not intended to be hurtful to those people.  Still, it’s hard to ignore the big elephant.  The writers have turned many fans against her at least until something happens to change things.

It’s possible to have deep compassion for Sookie without ignoring her many faults. She was often very ‘blonde white girl’ condescending towards Tara, btw, and this was before she’d been overcooked by Bill.

Sure. We’ve pointed that out many times. She isn’t flawless in any way. But she is not worthless, either.

I am seeing a lot of flaws pointing. I am not seeing much of that deep compassion. 

There’s some genuine hate happening. I think we all can tell the difference between being critical of a character constructively and outright hate. I’ve seen Sookie referred to as a bitch who should go ahead and die already, etc… That kind of thing is unnecessarily angry and aggressive towards a female character who, throughout many seasons now, has been victimized repeatedly by numerous people/supes throughout her life. Even this season Sookie had to endure the misplaced anger from most of the town. Something she took upon herself, by the way, which made me very angry FOR Sookie and wishing she would tell them all to fuck right off. But I never thought to myself “Wow, what a stupid bitch. She should just die already.” Ugh.

I get feeling frustration at the choices the character is making, but I also see the underlying thread that’s helping push her in those directions. Sookie carries the guilt of being the source of Bill’s sickness, Alcide’s death was also her fault (that was a terrible plan on her part and Bill did not help), most of the town hated her until after the raid on Fangtasia. Not to minimize her pain, but yeah, I would love to see her stand up for herself and realize that maybe having a blood tie with Bill is making her head all fuzzy. She shouldn’t be giving all these people the power to wound her so deeply anyway. I want strong, independent Sookie, too, but right now she is so bogged down in both her own guilt and the magic of the blood, it’s not going to happen. My hope is that Bill finally dies and it sets her free.

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I’ve seen a post about this before, but I thought I’d try to put my thoughts on this subject into words.

I don’t hate Sookie, or hate her because she’s not with Eric.

I hate the writers for doing this to her character. I hate Bill Compton. Because Bill is Sookie’s abuser. Mental and emotional on extreme levels and in a variety of ways, and also physical abuse.  I will never root for a character to go back to her abuser. 

I would much rather have Sookie end up alone or with someone else other than Eric if it meant the writers finally allowing her character to grow and break free of her abuser, Bill.

They aren’t doing that. They are having Sookie remain caught in the abusive cycle that started with her pedophile Uncle and led her to Bill, Warlow, and now back to Bill again. (And Jason for that matter, who was also a repeated sexual abuse victim with his teacher, Crystal, and now Violet). 

Why should I enjoy watching this happen to the supposed heroine of this story? This is not something you should root for or be okay with if you are or were ever a fan of Sookie.

Instead of executing a “full circle” properly, showing how the character has grown over the course of the story by putting Sookie in a similar situation as the start of the story and having her react in a new and different way that displays that growth to the audience, they are just repeating what happened the first time. That’s not a full circle, and any decent writer would know that. That’s character regression. 

They are putting their stamp of approval on B/S, abuse as love, and even making it even worse than that by making Sookie’s only purpose on the show to serve Bill and his “redemption.” She’s not a character or woman in her own right, she’s only a tool to help him achieve his desires. The misogyny of this is perhaps appropriate, as disturbing and wrong as it is, since Bill is a misogynist himself, and everything in the show now revolves around Bill getting what he wants. 

This post is a wonder to behold. Read the truth and be redeemed. 

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Eric & Pam (True Blood, 7x06)

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