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Bill tells Sookie about what effect vampire blood has on her twice, the first time after he gave her massive amounts of his blood in S1E2 and the other one after her having a couple of drops of Eric’s in S2E9. Notice the difference? 

This is toward the end of S2 and it took until mid S4 before Sookie actually got it and wondered if her attraction ( love) for Bill was largely due to the amount of his blood she had I jested. By the beginning of S5,she tells Jessica she will always love Bill since he was a part of her now. Her reference was to the large dosages of Bill blood she had imbibed. It irritates me that the writers continued to have Sookie refer to this blood attraction as love. It’s not love and to make Sookie confused in this manner after she has had all the facts and evidence she needs to discriminate between blood(drug) induced passion and real love is to make her dense headed ,unaware and silly.

Bill always provides just enough information to be believable. If only they wrote Sookie to question more.

"Is that all?"…Bill only partially answers the question. He answers only to suit his needs.

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Sad to see her give in. She grows increasingly despairing as the season progresses. 

Let’s hope S7 will see the fight on Sookie restored.

Yes, please.

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There are so many wrongs in this scene so it’s hard to know where to start but let’s begin at the beginning. Bill was Lorena’s progeny and he was in her company until, as far as we know, 1935 and we saw just how they acquired food in San Francisco in 1905 so somehow I doubt he was ever starving in her company. I guess fangbangers isn’t something you discuss with a girl you want to impress, neither is blood-whores so I’m not surprised Bill doesn’t mention either, but did he really drink the blood of the Rattrays after they were killed? No vampire drinks blood from someone that is already dead. That’s a no-no in every vampire myth I’ve ever heard about and makes Bill into something else than a vampire, like a ghoul or something. 

i dont know if the not feeding on the dead thing applies to TB because i remember when Andy and Bud questioned Bill about the murders in S1, Bill pointed out it couldn’t be a vampire because no vampire would leave all that blood to waste… or something like that…

also “by accident” - rlly Bill, well aren’t you just a poor victim of circunstance… we’ve seen enough flashbacks to know you’re full of bullshit.

Everything — except “you drank a lot of my blood” — out of Bill’s mouth in this scene is an outright lie. Sigh.

Yes, it is, especially considering how murderous he and Lorena were together. It wasn’t about fangbangers or blood-whores. It was about gorging and frolicking in his murder victim’s blood. By accident…right.