hsm7-Oh, what a mess!

Eric + Staring at Sookie Like She’s the Only One in the World

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True Blood S7E10 - BTS Pics

Do you believe that God made us all as He meant us to be, or do you think that some of us are just mistakes?

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because she didn’t need jason to “fix it” ~ sook just needed him to listen. and he did.   *ryan kwanten, imho, was the most under-rated actor on this show.*

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Sooric + First and Last Meetings

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Alright folks, suggest some fic for me to read, preferably of the Sooric variety?

I prefer:

-Realistic slow burn - I hate it when Eric and Sookie meet and are head over heels right away

-Few sex scenes. Because honestly, I’m bored as shit by most fanfiction Sooric sex.

-Strong, consistent…

Try Morggys.worldpress.com she has both AH and Vampire stories. She updates regularly and she finishes her stories. She has “Love as a Game” and Offshore finished these are AH but they have great plots and are slow burns. She also has other great Vamp stories. Check her blog Also californiakat1564.worldpress.com I recommend The Comfortably Numb series super angst warning. She uses Little one sometimes sorry about that. Also try Kjwrit she’s really funny and has great stories you can download the finished ones.

Thanks for the suggestions! I don’t think I’ve read the first author. I’m reading the Comfortably Numb series too - so far that one has definitely been an AH I don’t mind. I think I have read some Kjwrit but not sure what exactly. Thanks again! 

Definitely try Morggy. She does love her angst and the payoff is well worth it and her stories definitely meet your requirements.


For tonight! One of Sookie’s greatest moments!

Well, I guess she had practice for the finale.


For tonight! One of Sookie’s greatest moments!

Well, I guess she had practice for the finale.

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"Who did Sookie procreate with in the flash forward? WHO CARES? It literally doesn’t matter, as her pregnant belly is the only sign of her happiness and well-being we need, because this is apparently 1950."

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He’ll steal your light ~ Claudine

AT LAST. Sookie chose herself. About fucking time. 

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